Im Ying Huan :): Lunch @ Wich Day Cafe =)

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Lunch @ Wich Day Cafe =)

Death By Chocolate :D

浓浓的巧克力,还真的会‘死于巧克力’ xDD

Full Of Chocolate Taste, It's Really Will Melt Your Heart =)

超爱这一杯Death By Chocolate =)


那你一定要尝试这一杯浓郁的巧克力冰沙 =)

If You Love Chocolate So Much, Then You Must Try This Cup Of Death By Chocolate =)

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow =)

甜度适中,Death By Chocolate比这个还甜 =)

Moderate Sweetness, 

If Compare With Death By Chocolate, The Sweetness Is More Light and Not So Sweet

Snack :)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop =)

黑胡椒鸡扒 =) 

The Black Pepper Source is Totally Different With The Other Cafe's Black Pepper Source =)

黑胡椒酱汁的味道完全和平常我们在外面吃的不一样 =)

Snack :)


Pandora Box !!!

I Love Their Pandora Box So Much =)

Full Of Fruits, Ice Cream, Corn Flakes and Other Surprise !!!

TaaaDaaaaa ~~

Conclusion : 

I Love Their Environment, Foods and Their
Good Service =)

总结 :




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